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Seminar Notes

725: Fall 2012: Discussion Notes (Google Doc)

797: Fall 2012: Discussion Notes (Google Doc)

Arts/Photography/Film/Hybrid Media

Google Art Project
Using Google's Street View technology for virtual museum tours. High-def images of selected art works.

The Sumulationists
School of the Art Institute of Chicago: THE SIMULATIONISTS: Mixed Reality Performances.

FOAM: Photography Magazine


SWITCH: New Media Journal

Artist's Web Sites: Interesting Examples (Artinfo)

NY Times Photography Coverage

U2: Window in the Skies (video)

Nike: Les Jumelles video

Globalization, Media, Convergence

IFPI Report on Global Digital Music Sales (pdf)


McLuhan on Medium (Vdieo, Lecture, News Interview, 1977)

Bruno Latour (Video, Lecture, USC Annenberg, 2010)

Bruno Latour on "Re-enacting Science" (Video Lecture, Dublin, 2012)