The Method, Expectations, and Grading for the Seminar

The grading for the course will follow the normal traditions of graduate seminars but expanded beyond the classroom to include all Web resources and a student collaborative Wiki. The seminar approach includes weekly readings and individual responses in the Wiki, individual participation in class discussions, small group or individual presentations, and a final project. The seminar essay allows a student to apply what has been learned on selected examples or cases, and/or expand on materials and sources studied in the course. The final grade will be based on seminar participation and weekly collaborative Wiki contributions (40%) and the final project in the form a Wiki article/essay (60%).

Why Use a Wiki for the seminar?

We are now familiar with living in a real-time networked knowledge environment. Important information and new knowledge for CCT-related fields is published and distributed daily via every Internet and Web-based channel. Knowledge-building both inside and outside academe requires collaboration and the open exchange of ideas, including critical reflection and the constant examination of assumptions and new information. The Web environment and the flexibility of a Wiki space allow us to practice what we preach, and make this real-time, all-media environment for learning and knowledge the major environment of the course. The Wiki also allows graduate students to become engaged with the larger communities of research and practice in a field, to learn that writing and research is part of a larger, public discourse and debate, and that their work is accountable not simply to the professor of the course but to the larger community of research and practice in which they participate. Students will also benefit from a publishing credit as writers and contributors to an ongoing Wiki that is world-accessible and indexed by Google. The student's final Wiki essay also becomes a web publication with a permanent Georgetown URL that can be used in resumes, personal websites, applications for jobs, and further professional work.

The Final Wiki Essay Project

The final individual essay will enable seminar members to use the advantages of Wiki architecture and Web "rich media" content. The point is to use the Wiki and Web environment as a space to think with and through. Your Wiki essay must have a discursive argument and your own interpretive framework, but you can also use link to other sources and a "bibliography" of references to supporting materials in any medium (text, image, video, sound/music). Go to the Instructions Page for the Final Wiki Essay.